ICRA Online Limited

ICRON is committed to become the preferred provider of outsourced services for data, research and analytics for all its clients. Utmost importance is attached to improve the level of customer satisfaction and continually improve the quality of products and services.

While framing the company policy, ICRON has considered the external and internal factors that influence its operations and the needs and expectations of its interested parties. Following are the policies adopted by ICRON:

Promoting a culture of respect, ownership and accountability towards customers, employees, external providers and other stakeholders;
Complying with all applicable statutory and legal requirements;
Retaining existing clients and exploring opportunities for business growth
Identifying and controlling risks and threats that could harm assets, existence, sustenance, security.
Systematically evaluating performance against customer requirements and internal targets.
Continually improving processes, products and services that conform and strive to exceed customers’ requirements;
Striving to offer error-free solutions and timely response while protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of necessary data and information being dealt with;
Endeavour to be a technology driven organization for maximising effectiveness, efficiency, reliability of processes and information security controls;
Adopting best practices to establish, provide and maintain a secure environment to protect the information security of the assets against threats, and integrating the same into business processes;
Encouraging active involvement of all personnel including employees and associated personnel in overall improvement and innovation.